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Letondal et al – 2009 – Temporal Data and Data Temporality: Time is change, not only order

Synthesis: asdf asdf asdf

Foundational concepts in this study:

Agreement in related work:

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Gaps/Limits in this study: The idea of time as a representation of order (attribute) and of change (temporality) is interesting and could offer a helpful way to unpack some of the more entangled ways that time/temporality are expressed in humanitarian crisis data (timeline of events and fluid situation). But the conceptualization, as introduced in this workshop paper, is a bit undeveloped yet.

Connections to my work: The concepts of order and change are deeply embedded in the humanitarian crisis data problem I’m grappling with. It might be worth trying to develop this line of thinking more fully. Perhaps even combine it with the temporal design (Pschetz, 2014; Pschetz et al, 2016) and time design (Hildebrandt et al, 2004) concepts.

Annotated paper:

Letondal, Tabard and Mackay – 2009 – Temporal Data and Data Temporality – Time is change, not only order

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