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Bardzell – 2010 – Feminist HCI: Taking stock and outlining an agenda for design

Summary: This paper introduces the application of feminist critical approaches to the design, development, and critique of human-computer interaction technologies. Bardzell outlines 6 qualities that characterize feminist interaction: pluralism, participation, advocacy, ecology, embodiment, and self-disclosure.

Synthesis: Important critical perspective needed for sketching out the participatory design workshop methods/practices, as well as any products/systems derived from them. Note to self: Interleave this work with Time in Feminist Phenomenology.

Foundational concepts in this study: human-computer interaction, design

Agreement in related work:

Contested areas:

Gaps/Limits in this study:

Connections to my work: social coordination, community of practice, ICT4D, post-colonial HCI

Annotated paper:

Bardzell – 2010 – Feminist HCI – taking stock and outlining an agenda for design

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