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Brunelle – 2017 – In Search of Time and Temporality: The process of temporal reflexivity

Summary: Empirical study on how people adapt/adjust their thinking about temporal constraints, and structures in order to accomplish daily tasks. The paper presents a typology of the temporal reflexivity process (conceptual, behavioral, procedural and structural) that people use to fine-tune their actions in the workplace. Helpful overview of temporal structuring concept.

Synthesis: asdf asdf asdf

Foundational concepts in this study: Sociotemporality, organizational studies, ethnography

Agreement in related work:

Contested areas:

Gaps/Limits in this study:

Connections to my work: Sociotemporality, social coordination

Annotated paper:

Brunelle – 2017 – In Search of Time and Temporality – The Process of temporal Reflexivity

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