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Benkler, Shaw & Hill – 2014 – Peer Production: A Modality of Collective Intelligence

Summary: Overview of peer production research with an eye on three specific features: organization, motivation, and quality. Benkler et al., describe historical empirical work exploring how communities form and manage themselves, the entanglement of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations within a unique labor force, and different attributes of value/trust in both the peer production process and the content it creates.


Foundational concepts in this study: collective intelligence, peer production, knowledge work, content

Agreement in related work:

Contested areas:

Gaps/Limits in this study:

Connections to my work: collective intelligence, knowledge work, distributed labor, computer-support cooperative work, information quality

Annotated paper:

Benkler, Shaw, Hill – 2014 – Peer Production A Modality of Collective Intelligence

Published inannotationssocial coordination